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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Just because you or your company may not take an interest in Social Media doesn't mean Social Media doesn't take an interest in your company. There are people leaving reviews of your products, complaining, asking questions, everything related to your company and how it stacks up.

  • YOUR target audience IS in Social Media.
  • Social Media facilitates trust in your community as well as word of mouth business.
  • You can monitor statistics every month to see how well it is working FOR you.
  • And much more....

What we can do to help you get your social media accounts growing and converting:

  • Create blog posts, text, video and graphic posts
  • Identify the best hashtags that fit your industry
  • Mulitiple posts to each social media accounts as well as reporting statistics
  • Increase your brand awareness, providing content with professionally written posts

Together, we can increase your social media presence...

We will work with you to come up with a plan of action.

Posts to social media profiles, can generate buzz among your top clients, thereby more people seeing your message.

This in turn helps small businesses like yours, build stronger relationships with your clients.  

So, what’s included each month?

  • Unique content creation
  • Industry defining Hashtags
  • Scheduling and posting done for you, hands-free
  • text, video and graphic posts.
  • Royalty Free Images for posts
  • Monthly reports